When this pandemic began, I thought that there was no chance for me now to prove my presentation skills to a bigger audience. But I was wrong. There were several online opportunities in the form of webinars, meets or other programmes. All these projects had different purposes but the level of professionalism was almost the same. So to reach that industrial level I needed training from program management experts. My parents helped me find out Henry Harvin’s Project Management Professional course. After reading the introduction and going through some ex-student reviews, I finally decided to take this course.

           After doing some research, I finally enrolled myself for the course. I generally lost interest in the middle while attending such courses. The reason may be that most of the things taught there were too advanced for my understanding. But to my surprise, never for once was I not attentive. 

The lectures were delivered with such dedication and the topics were demonstrated beautifully. And they really began from scratch, making it easy for everyone to comprehend. The facility to work on real life projects gave me some insight into the work field. On completion of the course, the certificate awarded was a golden key for future employment. 

           I feel more confident and knowledgeable. There were sample templates provided which helped me start my future projects. I had planned many management related projects but was not too sure about how to put them forward. Now is the perfect time to show what I got up my sleeves!  I would definitely ask others to apply for the course so that they can pursue better career prospects.

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