I am Siddharth Goenka from Guwahati. I wanted to do this Six Sigma with RPA Certification Course with Henry Harvin to get better at my job as a production manager. I was suggested that the course will be helpful for me. 

The course deals with various topics. You can learn to explore, analyse, and solve business and management problems using analytics tools like python, R and advanced and 20 plus management tools. You can drive useful information from data using analytical tools. Also, you will be exposed to essential project management and leadership skills. They will teach you to make customer-centric actions at every stage. You will also come across the science to develop high-quality products and services. They also cover the use of common RPA tools. The course offers knowledge in such a way that you will learn to apply theoretical concepts to real-life issues, 

I joined the course to make myself a better production manager. And I must admit that the course really helped me a lot. I learned how to tackle business problems in a better way. Now, I am able to give more inputs towards the maintenance and improvement of the quality of the product and services the firm offers. 

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