I am Ankush Dutta from Kolkata. I joined this Henry Harvin Six Sigma with RPA  Certification Course to learn more about the RPA course because I was suggested that this will improve my pay at my current job. 

Since I joined the course mostly for RPA training so let me first tell you what RPA here covers. First, it involves data manipulation which includes validating the users’ string input, sorting the data, verifying the data and calculating and finding data. Second, it involves exception handling. Last but not the least, it involves UI interactions which includes finding the weather using Google, notepad automation, extracting data from ACME and email automation. Apart from RPA, it has many other things as well. You will get hands-on practical experience for quality of work life in an organization of employees. Optimization of average call times in a BPO-Voice Process and improvement in total time and rolled throughout the yield. 

I learned a lot from Henry Harvin. I joined the course because I thought it would help me in my job. And it did help me. After the course, my pay at my current job was increased for like 40%. The certificates from the course are very useful in a career. 

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