I am presently enrolled in several online courses here on Henry Harvin, and I am reviewing this from particular knowledge that this whole succession of courses under the specialization thus far is nothing less than incredible. The quantity of such enormous quality courses here on Henry Harvin is maybe just 5-10%, and they certainly fall into this category. 

  •  The whole course is very well organized and structured. All workbooks are well-named, authorized, and progressively given to complement the improvement in lesson videos. All these compels it easy to follow along with the assignments.
  • The content every week is well-paced. The amount of content taught every week are easy and enough. All topics and processes are well-covered, not only briefly mentioned or briefly ascertained (which occurs very often in another course)
  •  All examinations are very well thought out and well organized. Exercise quiz competition after the class videos allow students to gain better knowledge, rather than learning based on the class videos alone. Training Challenges and Judged Quizzes towards the edge of every week further enhances understanding and proficiency even further.

The Advanced Excel Course itself trainings what the educator always repeat “Practice makes a man excellent “. Personally profited tremendously from this considerable course, and am looking forward to the progressive course!

Overall, I enjoyed this lesson and benefited vastly and looking finalizing each course in the specialisation soon. The structure helped for me. I liked the basic videos and the initial high-grade outlines provided by teachers. I also liked the tutorial learning l videos and as the specialisation advanced, found it helpful to reexamine some of these where my understanding was still lacking. As often said, practice makes continual so the systematical quiz topics and weekly examinations helped assure that I had comprehended the learning purposes.

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