Data science and analytics techniques are being used in almost every domain today including business and marketing. Being aware of the techniques and methodologies that can benefit the organization is the key to become an ideal candidate and pursue your dream job. I am a B.Com graduate from a reputed institution and I wanted to gain an extensive knowledge about data analytics and its usage. As marketing is my field of interest, I wanted to learn how data analytics tools are being used to better strategize the marketing process. 

Henry Harvin has always been my first preference when it comes to short-term certifications and other educational courses. They offer courses to master almost every domain including data science and analytics. I enrolled in a data analytics course specifically pertaining to marketing called the Marketing Analytics Certification Training with R

The instructors of this certification training course are experienced professionals in the data industry for several years. It was a fun learning experience with them as each concept was presented in an easy way. I learnt how to use R and advanced excel, the two most important tools for almost any kind of data analysis project. 

After completing the analytical concepts, they also taught us the importance of developing soft skills and the most appropriate method of building a strong resume. These two skills are general and applicable to everyone who is starting their careers. I am extremely thankful to the instructors and Henry Harvin for organizing this certification training and helping the students to excel in their careers. 

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