I am a computer science graduate and my qualifications did not match any of the job profiles. With the advent of new technologies everyday, companies expect the candidates to be aware of all the recent trends and their applications. Apart from the computer science degree, I  did not have any other educational qualifications to mention. Therefore, I made up my mind to put in some extra effort and start learning about modern technologies that would be helpful in the long run. 

I started looking for educational institutions that are appropriate for the kind of learning I was seeking for. I found out that Henry Harvin education centre has been the top choice of almost every student like me who wanted to enhance their knowledge. I was surprised to see a large collection of courses related to numerous academic domains on their website. One of the most attractive training courses among them was the Marketing Analytics Certification training with R. As I am from a technical background, I had some basic knowledge about data analytics but not about marketing and its usage. 

I enrolled in the course to explore the arena of marketing and the usage of data analytics in this domain. The training began with a basic overview of what analytics is all about and how data is visualized using several techniques to gain better insights. 

Henry Harvin also provided timely updates about various job opportunities and internship roles. I appreciate their effort as I appeared for one of the interviews and got the chance of interning with a reputable company. This was very useful for me to gain a good exposure!

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