I have done my architecture from J J School of Arts, Mumbai. Post qualification, I did not get a good job. So I worked in a Bpo for three years. While I was working with the BPO, I came across an advertisement in the Times of India advertising Henry Harvin Institute with SMED course certification reviews.

I visited the website of the educational institute and found out that they were administering the SMED course certification in their institute. I was overjoyed and decided to do the course. When I went for counseling at Henry Harvin, I was told that post completion of the course, I would be given placement assistance.

 I did not believe them. Still, I paid the fees and decided that I would at least learn something so even if I did not get a job. However, my worst fears were proved wrong. Post completion of the course, I got a job in a well-known company in Latur, my hometown. I migrated from Mumbai to Latur to take up the job.

I worked there for three years and then went to another company at a salary hike of 20%. My family members in Latur were overjoyed. They could not believe that a small course in a not-so-well-known institute could work such wonders. They decided to send my younger brother also to the same institute for a SMED course certification.

However, this time, the institute did not accept my brother. It transpired that Henry Harvin has an aptitude testing cell on its premises. It gauges the aptitudes of students who come to it for certification. Based on the aptitude results, it suggests a course to be done by them. My brother was not found suitable for the SMED course certification. However, he was found suitable for the digital content writing course.

He did the course, got a good job in a leading company in Mumbai, and migrated to Mumbai. Here, he lived on rent while doing his job. He bore his expenses from the salary he received in his job. Henry Harvin was truly a great institute. It had made the life of two young people better with its contribution to their future.

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