I was a bachelor of commerce. I took four years to complete my BCom. This was because I failed in my last year of graduation. Due to this, I could not get a decent job in the industry. Everywhere interviewers asked me why I took two years to complete my final year of studies.

I had no answer to their questions. They did not select me in their companies. I was very troubled and did not know what to do. This was when my cousin brother, who was working for Henry Harvin from his hometown as a trainer came to meet me.

 When he saw my predicament, he suggested I read about SMED course certification reviews from Henry Harvin. They were offering placement assistance so I could get a job from them. I joined the course. I attended the online classes and came back satisfied. After that, I was given a job in a good company as a trainer. Truly Henry Harvin’s course did for my life what my BCom could not.

I had done the SMED course certification to get a job, but now it had become my passion. I loved my job. My love for Henry Harvin was so much that I planned to do another course at the same institute. Truly speaking, Henry Harvin is the one and only institute that keep its word.

It gives students what it has promised it when they come to it for doing a course. Thus, we can see that Henry Harvin helps students enhance their qualifications such that they can get an increment in their present job or get a new job with a decent salary. He does not have to compromise on his dreams. He can fulfill his dreams if he works hard at his job and gets timely increments at regular intervals. 

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