7 QC Tools

I had cleared my 10th standard exams with flying colors. I had secured a distinction in the exam. My parents and friends could not stop praising me. However, I knew why I was successful in the 10th standard exams. One year back, I had joined the 7 QC tools training course at Henry Harvin.

I had joined them after reading 7 QC tools training reviews that were published by Henry Harvin on their website.  Here they taught me how to retain a majority of what I read. I used that technique while studying for my SSC exams and, the results were there for all to see. Nobody was aware of the fact that I had passed due to this special training given to me by Henry Harvin.

However, I was well aware of that. I received an email from Henry Harvin congratulating me for passing the 10th standard exams with flying colours. I was surprised. They had retained my contact details long after my course with them was complete.

I went back to their office and this time, I enrolled for a repeat of the 7 QC tools training course that I had enrolled in earlier. I had liked the course so much that I had enrolled in it a second time. I wanted to see this time what extra content they would provide as a part of their course.This time they were providing personality development training and specialized training on how to appear for interviews.

I was overjoyed.  After my 10th standard exams, I had decided that I would study at Henry Harvin while I worked at a job in the industry. Then I would take up a job with Henry Harvin after the experience of one year.

Exactly one year later, I was recruited by Henry Harvin to teach the course 7 QC training. Initially, my salary was not very much, however, post one year of working with Henry Harvin, I was promoted to the post of senior trainer and I got a promotion. Truly, I will definitely recommend Henry Harvin institute to anyone interested in taking a course in 7 QC training

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