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My daughter, studying in 11th standard has enrolled in the Junior MBA program before 3 months. In today’s modern era it is of utmost importance to be aware of children regarding opportunities and threats in their life. Junior MBA Program skills will definitely help them to stand out and be distinguished from others. Let us understand step by step the significance of the skills taught via the junior MBA course.

Junior MBA course is designed for the students from 8-12 standard. Which enables them to think critically and know their potential. Early learning courses can provide numerous benefits to students. The Junior MBA helps young teenagers obtain an understanding of the array of career options available in the professional world and test drive different roles such as CEO, CMO, CTO, giving them a clear understanding of what these positions actually entail, so they can confidently pursue a fulfilling career.

With the JuniorMBA by Henry Harvin program, teenagers of today’s generation can acquire the 21st-century skills needed to succeed in business.

Henry Harvin aims at educating creative minds on the concepts of finance, budgeting, critical thinking, and the ability to strategize business operations so that no idea that runs through their heads remains just a daydream but rather a potential strategy for continued success.

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