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Hai, This is Ganapathi studying 12th standard. I have always aspired to become a business professional. So I thought I to spend my holidays very productive. After many suggestions, I have enrolled in Junior MBA Course at Henry Harvin. Very excellent experience. Students learn through case studies drawn from some of the most renowned companies, which makes learning more interesting, practical, and gives them a better understanding of what challenges look like in a textbook versus in the real world.

It not only enables them to understand the challenge and respond to it effectively but also enables them to learn how to avoid pitfalls while implementing ideas that might lead to potential threats. This institute has taught me a lot. The trainers explain every concept with real-life examples. This helps the trainees understand the subject better. Live projects help us get a better understanding of the subject. 

One of the pioneers of professional and technical certifications in India is Henry Harvin Education. It has long been understood that the existing curriculum of academic courses and industry requirements are at odds.

Henry Harvin’s goal has been to provide courses that will add value to the portfolios of both working professionals and students as well as enhance the knowledge base of organizations. Additionally, these courses assist both aspiring and seasoned professionals in exploring the untapped job market, which heavily relies on specific domain knowledge and skill set.

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