I am from Thane and during the lockdown, I thought of doing something new and interesting. As I was scrolling my Instagram the page I saw was of The Art of Negotiation Course By Henry Harvin. As I start reading about it I felt that this course must be interesting. 

The course is online with 8 hours of an online interactive classroom session with Bootcamp and brush-up sessions for 1-year post completion of the course. The course includes all the latest concepts and tools required to know the trade. We were also evaluated at the end of the course.

This course by Henry Harvin was really awesome. By going through this course I gained practical knowledge about making decisions, skills of handling negotiation, understanding different people with different mindsets at different places, gained knowledge about the negotiation process. I never knew there were so many stages of a negotiation process and how it varies according to the type of business one is handling. 

The course is rightly named “ Art of Negotiation” as I came to the conclusion that negotiation is indeed an art.

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