I am from Kanpur. As you all know that to start a business a person should have relevant skills like knowledge about the firm that they want to start, funding, workers, location but the most important is one should have negotiation skills to have a profitable business and contracts. The course that Henry Harvin provides is the Art of Negotiation Course and it is so useful. I have done that course and now I have all the relevant skills.

 By applying this skill you can help your family business to be profitable. I learnt about decision making, personal development, how to handle negotiations with different people and in different situations. Also learnt how to apply these skills at Workplaces, Business and also with Customers. The trainers that took the sessions were so talented with rich experience in the industry with global certification. We were also allowed to attend multiple sessions with multiple trainers.

Before ending the course we were evaluated to know whether we have got the skills and knowledge about the course or not. Henry Harvin provides us with the Globally-Recognised Art of Negotiation Course Certificate. The course curriculum designed by them was so good and also contained all the required information.

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