Hi – I am Rashmi. I am a homemaker and was looking for a work-from-home career opportunity. While researching for a good course, I came across Henry Harvin’s Copywriting Course. I found the course content interesting but wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I decided to undertake this course to expand my insight about content writing and to get familiar with online media. I also wanted to polish my writing abilities and techniques. So, after reading Henry Harvin reviews I enrolled myself for this course.

The course familiarized me with the essentials of copywriting.  I learnt how to write like a professional and how to draw the right audience. I have mastered how to use various content strategies, procedures and tools of content writing like SEO and keywords to build more visibility of one’s website or blog.  I must admit that the Henry Harvin’s copywriting course provided me a platform to think and to communicate my ideas in a creative way.

I find the content of Henry Harvin Copywriting Course quite comprehensive. It covers the fundamentals of marketing and rules. Another area where I improved is shortening and simplifying my content. The course content is exceptionally educational.

My trainer has been extremely supportive and amazing all through the course. She gave us a lot of assignments and also positive criticism on our tasks. Her feedback has been very useful and it gave me an alternate perspective of how I can apply certain advertising and writing strategies in real life.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the copywriting course. Henry Harvin gives excellent trainer support, high-quality learning materials and a lifetime access to their LMS portal. I would definitely recommend Henry Harvin’s copywriting course to aspirants who are looking to make a career in this field. Thank you.

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