Hi– This is Kartik Lahiri. I aspire to become a copywriter. I thought doing a copywriting course would equip me with the required skills, tools and practical experience to enter this field. I browsed for various institutes offering this course and their student reviews. Henry Harvin’s reviews were outstanding. I immediately registered myself for the course.

Henry Harvin’s Copywriting Course met all my expectations. It improved my confidence in creative writing too. Henry Harvin’s copywriting course content is varied and includes a decent mix of theory and assignments. I found the course to be extremely valuable as it introduced the fundamental concepts and gave an advanced understanding of copywriting.

I learnt who a copywriter is and how a copy can be used within different industries. I learnt the tricks of presenting and how I could write an informative and engaging copy. I learnt the different tones of writing and its importance. I learnt how to adapt my writing style differently for different audiences. I learnt about the many ways to use copywriting to promote a commercial on numerous media platforms. I also learnt the legalities of copywriting.

My trainer extended her support to us, students at every step. Her feedback was always positive and I really appreciate the detailed comments she provided to improve my assignments. I thoroughly enjoyed Henry Harvin’s content writing course. I feel more confident about my creative writing skills now and I think I am ready to explore new opportunities as a copywriter.

I am thankful to Henry Harvin, my trainer and my relationship manager for all that I have learnt. I will be happy to come back to Henry Harvin again to learn more. Of course I will recommend Henry Harvin’s copywriting course to all my friends and to my family. Thank You

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