It’s been a few months since my first semester began. I was very excited to join college and start a new chapter in my life. Never for once had I imagined that the scenario would be so different; we would have to sit in our homes and continue with online classes for over a year. Now since the condition was not going to improve anytime soon, my parents advised me to enlighten myself with courses that will help me in my career. Henry Harvin’s Research Writing course was thoroughly conceptual and dealt with all the industrial, rather professional aspects of research and thesis writing.

I had the experience of online courses and generally found myself losing interest and focus after a few hours or maybe days. But the presentation of this course was remarkably interesting and attention-seeking. Every detail was extremely important and was explained with dedication and enthusiasm. I must mention my trainer. She was very well acquainted with the topic and never rushed with the concepts. Each student was attended to and all the doubts were cleared in the brush-up sessions. All elements of research terminology were revealed. The assignments helped me to use my innovative thinking and all tools learned during the course.

The CRW certification offered after completion of the course was a valuable addition to my resume. Every student trying to make changes in their research papers with improved techniques must take this course. I can definitely say that all that I have learned in these hours of training is going to guide me throughout my future.

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