I am a class 12 student from Kolkata. The current situation is well known to everyone around the world. It has been affecting the youngsters in a great way. They have nowhere to go, just sit at home and now even the online classes are a bore. My condition was also the same; I was frustrated. But I couldn’t just sulk around and be impossible. So I tried using this time in a productive way; by applying to online courses. I came across Henry Harvin and its Research Writing course. I immediately registered for the course since it will have an impact on my career in the future.

Being from a science background, I was willing to continue with engineering as my career option. In the engineering field, there is lots of research work to be done, experiments to be performed; so to be a master in research writing I opted for this course. Henry Harvin ticked all boxes mentioned in the course description. The exclusive course structure was well suited to the current situation and industrial requirements. The ethics in scientific communication were explained. The instructor was an expert in all genres of research writing. With continuous assignments over the period of the course, I was able to test my gained knowledge. There were even brush-up sessions for clearing all doubts and keeping us on track.

After the wonderful training period, I got an internship offer in the same institute. The internship helped me learn more about the professional side of this career. The certificate is valuable for my future. Thank you Henry Harvin and my instructor for bringing out the best in me.

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