Before the campus recruitment begins for this year, I wanted to uplift all my skills by refining them. Some of my cousins had taken several online courses before their campus placements. They guided me to Henry Harvin’s online profile. After reading through some of the reviews by other students, I finally registered myself in the Research Writing course. This course was important because I was already into research work and needed to write a thesis for some big projects in my college. With all the experience, I still felt a lack of professionalism. That confidence was restored within me after taking this course.

I am really satisfied with the teaching on my course. There has been a lot of support available such as assignment extensions to adapt to the pandemic situation. This has been really helpful. The lecturers are amazing and ready to help with any questions. Throughout the course, one thought crossed my mind : Why has research writing never been this easy? The way all the concepts were explained made the learning process much easier and fun. The lecturer shared his personal experience, which helped us gain insight into this field even better. All necessary traits to succeed at freelance research writing were taught during the period.

Now I am more optimistic about my work. I can see the difference in my writing skills and am self-assured that this guidance will help me find my goal with success. I cannot thank Henry Harvin enough for the counselling they have given me.

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