I am fond of Spanish poetries which directly lead to learning the Spanish Language Course from Henry Harvin. Learning Spanish from these books is a great way to get started, especially if you are learning it on your own. The materials are well-organized and beginner-friendly. My favourite part of Perspectivas is getting to hear native Spanish speakers. If you want to succeed in this course, you need to be very dedicated. The basic Spanish course gets a 5 out of 5.

My lecturer explained everything very well. I found it easy to understand. This course has further fueled my desire to learn Spanish. It is a great course for beginners of Spanish. I enjoyed the interactive nature of this course. Though they only offer brief lessons, the activities you can use to brush up your skills are what I like most. I definitely recommend it!

This course moves at a fast pace. Weekly vocabulary words (including conjurations) will range from 50-75. I spent about 5 hours a week working on this course, including making flashcards and memorizing the words. You can get a lot out of this course if you’re willing to work hard. I was able to hold basic conversations and understand others after only two weeks; something I had been unable to do for years. THANK YOU, Henry Harvin!

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