I am from Pune. Last year I completed my 10th standard, but due to the COVID-19 situation, I was not able to make my time productive. I wanted to use this time for my development. During the conversation with my teacher, I got to know about Spanish language course. I was very interested to learn a new foreign language, so I researched a lot about this course and I got to know that Henry Harvin also provides this course and then I applied for this course.                                                             

My parents also helped me with the application for this course. My parents were also impressed with the curriculum and the overall structure of the course. The duration was only 80 hrs for both levels which perfectly fit into my schedule. Interestingly there were various specializations like basic like alphabets, numbers, spellings and many more. Language Learning is my area of interest and I aspire to go to Spain for my further study, so I am naturally inclined towards language.

There were many students like me and also of different ages. Our Trainer made us all feel very comfortable and taught us very nicely throughout the course. After the basic common portion, I took up the C1 and C2  training also.I am sure it would greatly help me in my future career and for now, I can proudly flaunt my Spanish language expert in my Facebook profile. 

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