I was looking for some courses from India to learn.  Due to my holiday in Central America next year I want to learn Spanish to be prepared and to communicate with the local people. As a result, I chose Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course. The teachers are patient and very clear in their instructions. Besides reviewing texts and watching films, the units will be repeated in small games – the group lessons are well-structured and diversified. 

My individual learning objectives were discussed in the private lessons, and they responded accordingly. Besides the Spanish courses, Henry Harvin also offers a wide array of leisure activities, most of which are included in the course fees. That gave me a chance to practice my new vocabulary. In the end, I really enjoyed my learning period. In addition to learning Spanish, I learned Spanish culture and met great people with whom I remain in touch.

Each day was different, with vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, listening comprehension exercises, and conversation exercises. It was a pleasure to learn their native language from them. I appreciated how well they explained everything and how many tips they gave me that will help me tremendously. In the beginning, my Spanish language level was at zero, but thanks to the solid organization and professionalism of my teacher, I was able to reach as far as during my training! Super nice people and teachers. Also, I enjoyed learning in small groups. It made the lessons even more intense, and this helped to improve my Spanish really quickly.

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