I realized that this lockdown period is going to continue for quite a long period of time. So why not try to be productive! Anyways with all the competition outside, you have to stand out in order to get placed ahead of others. Now there are too many sites over the net offering online courses and promising a better future. But I had all faith in Henry Harvin and straightway went to search for something unique. A Research Writing course might be quite ordinary for many, but being from a commerce background this was definitely distinctive for me.

Starting from the very basics, the program was a smooth slope to the advanced levels. I had to start from the basics and move ahead to achieve new heights. I did not know about so many ethics involved in scientific communication. My instructor never hesitated to explain things over an extended period and cleared every confusion regarding any concept. I enjoyed my time here. The course is challenging and rewarding. The co-students are welcoming and are well-resourced. The fact this course is providing a globally acclaimed certificate on completion also increases my hopes of securing employment in the future.

I particularly was impressed with the feature that this course had video lessons for students to follow later. All students, even from different backgrounds, should take this course to better their chances regarding their career prospects. I even participated in the internship, which enhanced my on-field experience. I am forever grateful to my instructor for imparting the knowledge, with full expertise.

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