I have started college this year. Last year after I completed my 12th exams I had planned to do some courses as part of the summer program but due to the lockdown in April and May, I could not attend those. My parents saw me getting bored at home and then one of my friend’s father informed my father about the TEEN MBA course from Henry Harvin.

Like me, my friend is also interested in the marketing field and we both had planned to study for CAT while doing our graduation. So we both took up the Marketing specialized course, which is  CEO+CMO. The course duration was only 3 weeks, so there was no problem in committing to the course. We both started our course in the same batch. It was my first online class experience and it was very a very unique and interesting experience for me. 

First of all I had my friend to give me company and we also had so many students from different parts of the country and from different age groups. Our instructor made it a point to make us all feel welcome and created a very amicable environment for us all.

The initial few classes were about basic common topics and then we were allotted our specialization tutorials. The marketing lessons were taught in a very interesting way using real-life examples and case studies from the Ad world. We were also given assignments where we were meant to do brainstorming to devise various marketing strategies. 

I can say for sure that it is the best way to spend time during the holidays if you want to gain some skills and also a certificate. I have gained a real insight into the concepts of leadership, team-building, and also marketing tools, techniques, and strategies in a span of 3 weeks. Friends, please give Henry Harvin’s TEEN MBA a try, I am sure you would love it.

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