I have been working for a software company in Mumbai for the past 4 years. I had done my B.tech and after that, I got selected through campus placement and since then have been working for the same company. Last year I had done my Lean Six Sigma green belt certification from Henry Harvin and I was very happy with the experience. The certification also helped me to get noticed for a project and professionally it proved to be a good move for me.

This was an advanced version of what I had learnt during Lean six sigma Green belt certification and the fact that I did the course from the same institute and luckily got the same instructor, the journey of the course became all the more enjoyable for me. Though I have been using Six-Sigma concepts in my day to day professional life, this new course offered newer concepts and perspectives through different case studies.

The focus of this course was Quality assurance, Quality Control and Hypothesis Testing which are very much beneficial for all industries. The world has undergone a crisis and with resources getting scarce it is imperative to devise lean methodologies which would ensure minimal error and maximum productivity. Not only that we were also taught soft skills development and resume writing as complementary modules.

 At the end of the course, we were evaluated and then given our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification. I dream of venturing into my start-up someday so I am eager to gather all the experience and expertise that I can. I am very satisfied with this course by henry Harvin and would recommend it without a shred of doubt.

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