Due to the current situation and the pandemic hovering around for a further period of time, all job sectors were having the work from home. I was not very tech savvy and was not confident about this mode. Moreover I had not gained any previous experience in this field to help me with my instincts. My elder sister who had been a working professional for over 10 years had lots of experience regarding this. She suggested that I try the Lean Practitioner Training course from Henry Harvin. Previously I had taken certain courses from this institute and they have been extremely helpful. I was excited to give this a try.

        The lecture sessions were incredibly knowledgeable and fun-filled. Each session was interactive and informative. Expert trainers were present to guide the students through the latest software and tools and gather in-depth knowledge. There were even projects to give us for our better understanding and gaining experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and felt more drawn towards the subject. After completing the course, I received a globally acclaimed certificate, after taking the online examination. I can definitely feel my confidence boosted after going through every lesson and reading the excellent resources.

          The certificate that I earned from this course has opened various lucrative job opportunities. I am now getting better chances and higher level firms are asking me to apply. Without my instructor and his tricks and techniques I would never have been able to reach this height. Also the information in this course is relevant to organizations and keeping customer satisfaction and performance in mind. I enjoyed the learning and plan to continue. Thanks Henry Harvin!

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