I am about to complete my graduation this year. In this period of hard competition, every student is eager to learn more and out of their depth. So online courses for every student and in every sphere you would like to expand. My college lectures were obviously helpful, but I felt like I lacked exposure in the industrial sector. So I went online to search for courses that will enhance my knowledge in tackling challenges in the work field and help me improve my skills. That is when Henry Harvin presented itself with its Lean Practitioner Training course at my rescue.

           When I began the course, I was not sure what to expect. It began like all other online courses, eventually revealing its magic. Though the course was for a long period, it was fun filled with interactive sessions and learned trainers. The trainers made the whole process easier to understand and comprehend. The most important thing about the course was the projects. There were projects based on how to learn an effective approach to identifying and removing waste in processes thereby increasing the speed, efficiency, and productivity of an organization’s operations and other topics. The resources were helpful and provided a lot of ideas to progress. I could feel myself being accommodated to the industrial field, which made me confident and ready for further challenges.

            Choose Henry Harvin since it is ranked third globally among other Lean Practitioner Training courses. Thank you, Henry Harvin, for curating such a wonderful course and bringing out the best in me!

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