I had studied to become an engineer. However, my first brush with engineering had come at Henry Harvin institute itself. This was when I was attending junior college. I had taken up a course in 7 QC tools training.

I wanted to do this course because my father who was a shop-owner, wanted me to help him in his business. My father wanted me to apply the knowledge gained in the above course in his own business. Today, my father has passed away but his shop is still there. I  attend to it.

I can say with pride that I have enhanced the business two-folds after my father passed. I credit this to his Henry Harvin training. However, I think it is also because of my engineering training. Whatever the reason is, my father is very happy with Henry Harvin’s 7 QC tools training course.

He is so happy that he is thinking of enrolling me in Henry Harvin’s creative writing course. I am very good with the English language and I can edit well. Therefore, he wants me to study at Henry Harvin.

Even after all these years,  I will recommend everyone to Henry Harvin’s 7 QC tools training course. I am very happy with the course material and the extra content given to him by Henry Harvin. As for me, I too will recommend this institute to anyone who wants to take up a course in creative writing. Believe me; my experience with the institute was so good that I am planning to go for another course here named Digital Content Writer. I will also like to take up a course in Six Sigma Master Black Belt training.

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