Coming from a technical background, having a degree in B. Tech, and wanting to move and diversify my job in the management field, I knew that Henry Harvin Education’s SAP HR Course will do the trick for me. This course had all that I needed Training, Projects, Internships, Placement, E-Learning, Bootcamps to make sure that I retained everything that I learned and a Gold Membership.

The entire course is comprehensive and elaborative. It is well designed and delivered by the subject matter experts at Henry Harvin Education. The course is aimed at making you ‘Industry Ready’ through challenges, coursework, and internships and that is exactly what it did for me.

I could access their E-Learning resources from literally anywhere with their mobile application. In the car, from the library, in a coffee shop, on the metro, anywhere. Just login to the Moodle app and I was good to go.  With the live classroom sessions, I could attend virtually unlimited live sessions in any batch with multiple trainers till my membership lasted. That was the best thing. I had never experienced anything like it. 

With the 44+ hours of live classroom sessions, projects in multiple domains like Organizational Management, Time Management, Personal Administration, Payroll, and Travel Management, and internships to gain practical i truly believe that I am fully ready to take on a full-time job in this very field. 

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