Having pursued a degree in B. Com, I was stuck with tally sheets and accounts but I wished to explore opportunities in management as well. And with Henry Harvin Education’s SAP HR Course, I could do precisely that. Once I enrolled in this course I was overwhelmed with the amount of support and resources that I received. With literally unlimited learning opportunities, projects, internships, and E-learning resources, the possibilities of studying and understanding are endless. 

The SAP HE Course has helped me to better optimize operations and people. I learned and understood standardized payroll in record times and I gained more than enough knowledge about HR Ticketing, HR Service Analytics, and Employee Documents management. The course is delivered over 44 hours by industry experts with 15+ years of experience and are employed with Henry Harvin Education as subject experts. After completion of the course, I stood a chance and had the potential to apply to the top international tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple. 

It helped improve my CV & LinkedIn Profile with Technical & Professional development. It distinguished me from other candidates and I stood a higher chance of being hired because of the various skill sets I accumulated in the course’s duration. The live classroom also gives me exclusive access to industry-level E-Learning management resources and Moodle app which allowed me to access all my resources virtually from anywhere the bus, in a coffee shop; sure. This course is comprehensive and elaborative and is very well structured.

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