I enrolled in one of content writing courses online offered by Henry Harvin in Feb, in Bangalore. The course was really helpful and enriching for me. In this Henry Harvin Review, I will narrate my experience with them.

  • About Batch: 
    • My batch comprised of people from different walks of life.
    • There were teachers, existing content writers, and freelancers, aspiring journalists, bloggers, and students.
    • I am a student, and I joined the course to develop intellectual hobbies that would help me to get placements in college.
    • There were also many people from the marketing and sales department, and I realized how important content writing was for almost any kind of job.
    • The sessions were very well planned, and it was close to my residence, so I had a greater advantage.
    • My professors were also very impressed when they came to know about my venture and assured me that the certification would greatly help me in my career.
  • Course curriculum:
    • The course curriculum well planned and was also very scientific.
    • The first module involved language skills, and then it gradually moved to more complex tactics like sales planning, market strategies, etc.
    • As said by other Henry Harvin Content writing Reviews, there were detailed lectures on the enrichment of research papers, online research, formulation of academic catalogs and workbooks, printing and typewriting.
    • The session aims at helping individuals to articulate their thoughts into words and make their content more marketable.
    • The curriculum also involves access to Henry Harvin’s study materials and research papers, which provide sound knowledge on content writing styles and vocabulary.
    • The live projects and simulations help individuals to associate with probable job environments and make them better workers.
    • According to many other Henry Harvin educational reviews, the course is also about time management, systematic planning, and busy schedules.
  • Career Opportunities:
    • In this Henry Harvin Content Writing ReviewI will also talk about the career opportunities I received.
    • After the evaluation, certificates were given to us that recognized us as certified content writers.
    • The certificates helped us to get in touch with international clients, and many of us got job prospects in the US and UK.
    • It also taught me how to communicate with clients and plan a market strategy.
    • This is also the reason why Trainings360 India has rated Henry Harvin as the number one content writing training center.
  • Fee structure and post-training benefits
    • The course is very affordable and costs 15,000 INR. 
    • After training, I was offered alumni status, and that gave me access to their E-books and journals.
    • One year membership of Henry Harvin also comes with lucrative opportunities.

According to many other Henry Harvin Reviews, it is the best institution for such career training. Due to my great experience with them, I give this course a rating of 4.5/5.

I will suggest every interested person enroll in this course. I will be glad if this Henry Harvin Education Review proves helpful to all aspiring students.