I am Manju Menon, from kerala. My profession is human resources, and I have five years of experience. The Covid Pandemic caused me to lose my job. I had a good experience in the stream, but I always had a sense that I was outdated. The updates and trends in this field don’t suit me. Therefore, I spent the three months updating myself for my profession. As a result, I began looking for courses that will be useful to me.

From YouTube, I found Henry Harvin Leading SAFe 5.1 Training/SAFe Agilist Course. I didn’t go into more detail then.  I simply contacted them and asked them what their ideas were. A week later, I enrolled. They also provided follow-up reminders. Throughout all the classes were engaging. Videos for learning were available too, which was very useful. All of the modules discussed in class were extremely useful. 

I felt very satisfied with myself on the last day of the class since I felt like, I had been updated. There was also guidance on interview preparation and placement. From the institute, I received internship opportunities as well. My teammates are also helpful. We are all on Whatsapp, where we discuss things every day. It was an incredible experience for me. 

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