I am from Hyderabad and I have just graduated from an MBA program in Hyderabad itself. I was just considering whether I should pursue a job or continue studying. So, I was oscillating and calling my teachers and my friends to confirm what I had to do? What should I do next? So, I was always getting suggestions for everything, so I went on a quest to get suggestions, which led me to Henry Harvin Institute. 

I took some time to research that because one of my friends recommended it to me. It actually makes me feel warm and full to know about Henry Harvin Institute, which actually motivates me to enroll in so I want to make sure that the courses I study are going to be helpful for my career. This is all about making money for me. In order to find a course that will make me money, I found a  Leading SAFe 5.1 Training/ SAFe Agilist Course which seems very exciting, too. 

The course really influenced me to enroll, so I did so. After enrolling in the course and feeling that yes I am in the right place, I proceeded with the training. Thank you all, thank you Henry Harvin Institute, for this wonderful learning experience. I highly recommend Henry Harvin Institute to everyone.

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