I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have found Henry Harvin Advanced Excel Course Reviews at the time when I needed it most. Actually, I got my first job in January 2020 but it was highly unfortunate that the pandemic Covid19 struck in April 2020 and things deteriorated so fast that it was hard to tell what hit me. I lost my job within 6 months of joining.

Distressing as it was, I gathered myself and started an online hunt for another job. I was not offered any but I found out that most of the employers these days want ‘Advanced Excel Skills’. I had plenty of time and little money, so I started to look for a course that would really propel my career.

When I came across Henry Harvin Advanced Excel Course Reviews I went through them to ascertain what I will gain from it. What I found most assuring was that almost everyone was satisfied with the course curriculum, trainer and hands on training, making this most popular online Advanced Excel Course a good ROI.

Thanks to Henry Harvin Advanced Excel Course Reviews I not only joined the course but completed it successfully in September, 2020.

I would recommend this course to all professionals looking to avail these learning benefits that I gained:

  • Upgraded my CV with Advanced Excel certification credentials (CAEP)
  • Learnt data formatting, data analysis and data visualization
  • Mastered the ability to record and modify create macros in Microsoft Excel
  • Know the importance of Index, Match, If with And/Or, Offset combined with other functions in excel and how it helps simplify the process
  • Learnt how to create an Excel template setup, financial statements, tables & charts
  • Create dynamic models to cater for different periods to minimize the time consumed with the Advanced Excel Course
  • Adept in creating attractive tables, graphs, and charts for financial analysis output.

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