I love to explore new languages and am already well versed in Japanese, France, and Chinese. So now it’s my turn to learn the Spanish language. I am looking for professional learning and therefore I found Henry Harvin Institute. I found that the staff and teachers were very friendly and open-minded. 

They showed interest in the students beyond the necessary formalities and classes, and they also enjoyed chatting about private topics. This further loosened the already relaxed and casual atmosphere. Every day I looked forward to going to school because of this. I greatly improved my language skills within a short period of time. Also, I met many new persons at the Henry Harvin Academy. 

Thanks to the institute, we really had a really great activity program! The teachers and I got along very well as they are without exception very friendly and polite. Besides their tremendous experience in teaching and undoubtful professional competence, you feel their dedication to teach the students new things and enjoy learning a new language. And above all, they have been very patient with me, which I really admire. Additionally, the classes are not too serious, as we are laughing very often. 

I am satisfied with the Spanish language course at Henry Harvin. I think

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