My passion for data science and analysis was born when I attended a 3- hour workshop on “Data Analytics for Business Betterment” organized by a reputed institution. Before attending the workshop, I just knew the term ‘data analytics’ unaware of its meaning and values. The workshop gave a short overview about what data analytics was and how it played an important role in the business sector. 

I did not want to keep my knowledge limited just with the overview. Therefore, I decided to take up training or a course that would help me widen my knowledge. A friend of mine suggested the Business Analytics with R course organized by Henry Harvin in various cities including Agra. I was overjoyed on hearing this and quickly went through the brochure provided on their website. I spoke to the team and they helped me with the registration process and other proceedings. The enrollment process went smoothly and I started attending classes regularly. 

I was so enthralled when the educators started the classes with basic introduction and the need for data analytics in business. I learnt several aspects of business analytics including the technique to derive meaningful insights from available data sets. After this, we had the final assessment test to measure our progress. Post that, few other sessions were conducted for revising the concepts once again. 

I thoroughly enjoyed following my passion and gaining deeper knowledge about data analytics in business. My sincere appreciation to the educators and the team for coming up with this exciting course!



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