I am a Computer Applications graduate. The course curriculum of computer applications offered by my college was outdated as modern technology papers like Data Analytics and R were not offered. Therefore, I was not so familiar with the latest technology trends in the computer science industry. 

The field of data science is the current trend as it offers promising job opportunities especially for freshers. This fact is true because while I was exploring various job roles, employers were looking for candidates who possess knowledge about digital data and analytics tools. 

Therefore, I decided to equip myself with knowledge about analytics and started searching for short duration analytics courses. After a lot of research, I found out about the Business Analytics with R course offered by Henry Harvin. I went through the course specifications and found several beneficial elements. I immediately enrolled in the course with excitement of starting a new journey. 

The course consisted of 32 hours of solid training followed by 24 hours of brush up sessions. The educators were experienced business analytics professionals who started the course from the basics. R and Advanced Excel were the useful tools that were taught during the training. In addition to the tools, methods of addressing business problems with the help of data analytics were also covered. After finishing the core concepts, 50 hours of e-learning was open wherein useful study materials and recorded videos were made available for each candidate. Being aware of the latest technological trends helped me attain self-satisfaction and the eagerness to keep learning new things. 



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