I am a data science enthusiast who loves to dive deeper into data analytics and gain as much information as possible through various resources. I wanted to pursue a postgraduate degree in data science but my weak financial background was the biggest hurdle. Today, the education industry presents a wide range of short-term courses and training programmes so that the youth can pursue their interest. 

Henry Harvin, a reliable educational institution, helped me to overcome the hurdle by providing a pocket friendly course on Business Analytics with R. I got to know about this course while I was collecting the list of courses that are worth pursuing for data analysis. I went through the entire curriculum and structure of the course before enrolling. Seeing the positive reviews of other students, I couldn’t resist myself from joining the course. 

During the course, we were introduced to renowned practitioners of data science who have been working in this industry for several years. They handled the entire curriculum and cleared all our doubts on a regular basis. I improved my decision-making and analytical skills and understood the benefit of using effective data analytics tools like R and Excel. 

With the help of this training course, I was able to bring all the information I collected from various resources into shape and develop a better understanding. I would highly recommend this course to all the data enthusiasts like me who love this domain and who want to gain a deeper understanding. Good Luck to all!


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