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My sincere thanks to Henry Harvin for providing the right platform for me to start my career as a software engineer. With Henry Harvin, I have had a wonderful journey. In my opinion, it is an excellent platform for learning and achieving one’s dream goals. For the support and guidance they provided to me in every learning step, I would like to thank the instructors and mentors. 

As well as the assignments and projects, I would like to emphasize that they helped me understand concepts in a better way. I gained a deep understanding of the frontend and backend technologies that are necessary to create software applications.  

Each part of the MERN Stach Developer course was divided into sections  

  1. Fundamentals of Java, Data Structures, and Algorithms. After completing these courses and working in an internship, attending interviews, and learning the concepts, and doing market research, I firmly believe these courses are the foundation for any programmer who wants to be good at programming. 
  1. Backend programming (MVC, Spring, and RESTful APIs) is an important part of web development. 
  1. This is to become a Frontend Developer (HTML, CSS, JS & REACT.JS). 

Three career paths are available through the course curriculum, including:

In the current market, there is high demand for back-end developers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers. 

To assess our understanding of the course, we will be given a lot of hands-on training and various assessments. Mentorship and placement are also available. 

The above information convinced me to take the course. After joining Henry Harvin, I feel that I have made one of the best decisions to uplift my career. I look forward to 100% plus growth in my career as it was one year ago. This course is highly recommended.

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