Career Advice

Naman Arora, 4.7/5 Dip IFRS Training Course

I am currently in the fourth year of my college. I know it might sound too early to pursue this course. But in this world of competition and unemployment, you need to be ahead of others to prove your worth. That is why I decided to take this course from Henry Harvin to upgrade my […]

Adit Modi, 4.6/5 Dip IFRS Training Course

 I have completed my graduation this year. In this period of hard competition, every student is eager to learn more and out of their depth. So online courses for every student and in every sphere you would like to expand. My college lectures were obviously helpful, but I felt like I lacked exposure in the […]

Samriddhi Suri, 4.8/5 Dip IFRS Training Course

I just cleared my CA examinations this year and am hopeful to get job opportunities from several companies. But when I saw the qualifications other applicants had, I felt out of place. Everyone was well versed in various fields regarding finance and accounting. I had barely done any proper online courses or applied for any […]

Anjali Dubey, 4.9/5 Dip IFRS Training Course

Nowadays to be on the top of every sphere is a must to get higher ranks at your job. I have been working as a finance professional at a company in Mumbai for over 3 years. But I have nor improved my position and have no hope of promotion recently. That is when I decided […]

Mihir Raj Kesari, 4.7/5 Dip IFRS Training Course

 I have been looking for certain certification courses that could be applied online over my summer vacations. I had taken courses with Henry Harvin before and was always gifted with valuable information and knowledge. So with this continuing lockdown period, I decided to make my time at home useful. I have been planning on taking […]