I just cleared my CA examinations this year and am hopeful to get job opportunities from several companies. But when I saw the qualifications other applicants had, I felt out of place. Everyone was well versed in various fields regarding finance and accounting. I had barely done any proper online courses or applied for any internships to gain exposure. The only issue was finding an online course that would suit my taste and also be related to my career. But this issue vanished as soon as I opened Henry Harvin’s official website. They had a course for every student in any stream. I took a quick look at the DIP IFRS Training course and started learning.

The course was totally worth it. It was slow enough for any beginner to grasp the main concepts and actually learn at the end. The price also makes one just want to give it a try, finding out the instructor was good came as an added bonus. I hope there will be another course, something a little more advanced and longer, to continue building one’s proficiency. The instructor provided a nice coverage of examples to demonstrate different functionality and spoke at a good speed. I finally learnt how to make charts of every type, easily. Henry Harvin was right about feeling the difference. I could definitely sense my improvement and the confidence being boosted, which made me stand out from the crowd.

I am super satisfied with the whole procedure and all the understanding. I am definitely sure that this knowledge will take me far in my journey as a CA professional. Thank you Henry Harvin!

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