I am currently in the fourth year of my college. I know it might sound too early to pursue this course. But in this world of competition and unemployment, you need to be ahead of others to prove your worth. That is why I decided to take this course from Henry Harvin to upgrade my knowledge at a developing level: DIP IFRS Training course. I did not expect the course to be this engrossing and effective, and I am not bragging! Anyone taking this course will be bound to enjoy it.


           Our instructor made it a point to make us all feel welcome and created a very amicable environment for us all. The initial few classes were about basic common topics and then we were allotted our specialization tutorials. The time span was flexible and fit my schedule perfectly. The instructor was an expert in the field and was dedicated to making the concepts clearer to us. We were also given assignments where we were meant to do brainstorming to devise various accounting and taxation strategies. I enjoyed the learning process thoroughly. I want to mention that the live presentation and projects were effective in exposing students to gain understanding of the greater challenges in the future.


              I feel boosted enough to apply for internships and full-time jobs. My friends were surprised with my improvement. I recommend this course to every post graduate student for upgrading their level and forming a strong resume. I thank all the course designers for their expertise in curriculum development and the institute itself for this wonderful opportunity.


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