I had heard a lot about Henry Harvin institution’s courses and their wide range of benefits on the internet but never had enrolled in any course from them. And the lockdown gave me an opportunity to think about enhancing my skills and the career. Since, everything changed to work from home and learn from home, I got enough time to develop those skill sets required in today’s market. I enrolled in the HR Social compliance course from Henry Harvin.

Their key features and course curriculum had given me the confidence to go forward with the enrolment process. The entire syllabus was very well planned and distributed. Also, they had something called the skill development program which basically focussed on preparing us for the interviews and teaching us work ethics and also the resume writing training. With the support of the amazing trainers there, I finished the course very smoothly and got to do an internship at Henry Harvin. I learnt a lot of new skills there too. The tutors were highly skilled professionals who had a great experience in various HR training for years and it was all visible in their teaching methods. 

We were also provided with the real-world experiences of an organisation through different assessments and the practical sessions conducted after the training period. We also were exposed to various mini-projects which had a motto of boosting our knowledge and confidence. I am very happy now that I have successfully completed the training. Thank you, Henry Harvin. Highly recommend it!

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