Life has been becoming too boring since the past few months. I was just in my second year and this lockdown began, compelling everyone to stay home and cut out on all the fun. I was devastated when all the science fests and  projects were postponed. I am pursuing Data Science and was eager to perform some practical work. But that was not going to happen any time soon. So my parents decided to register me in an online course which would be beneficial for my career prospects. I gladly accepted the offer to take the Tableau Training course from Henry Harvin.

           The lecture sessions were incredibly knowledgeable and fun-filled. Each session was interactive and informative. Expert trainers were present to guide the students through the latest Tableau software and tools and gather in-depth knowledge. There were even projects to give us for our better understanding and gaining experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and felt more drawn towards the subject. Some concepts were of a more advanced level, but the trainer was always ready to clear all doubts before moving forward. After completing the course, I received a globally acclaimed certificate. I can definitely feel my confidence boosted after going through every lesson and reading the excellent resources.

           This course is for a student of any level, even high school. The delivery is so smooth that no one has any difficulty in grasping the concepts. Thank you Henry Harvin for designing this course and making it universally accessible. I feel more productive in approach now.

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