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The Python development course offered by Henry Harvin benefits three groups of learners. This course teaches the basics of Python programming to people who have no prior programming experience. Python is arguably the best programming language available today. Those who learned to program many years ago but have never used it until now form the second group. I used to be a member of the second group, so this course serves as a refresher by providing the benefits of a modern, widely used language. The third group consists of active programmers who would like to switch to Python. A course such as this one can help these programmers learn Python more quickly.  

At its most basic level, Python is explained. In this course, the basics are covered very thoroughly. This course is most useful for people who have never programmed before, but those who are already familiar with other programming languages will find it too easy. The course provides an excellent introduction to Python and is recommended for those without programming experience

Programming beginners or those who would like to brush up on the basics of programming will find this course to be excellently written and delivered! Though I always thought I couldn’t handle programming, this course has taught me that when it is taught well and I understand the fundamentals, I can go on to do even bigger and more exciting things with what I know! Through this course, I was able to see the problem-solving aspect of computer science and gained a legitimate interest in Python development as a career path.

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