Over the years I have definitely learned that Engineering, analytics, and management go hand in hand, and being able to analyze from the business and marketing perspective is very important. One of my teachers in the university suggested that I check Henry Harvin Education’s Business Analytics Master Certification Course.

I did and I really liked it, intensive, comprehensive, and informative at the same time. A trait I see in very few courses that are conducted online and since my professor suggested it, I trusted it even more. I found the price tag of INR 15000 to be justified after looking at all the perks, benefits, and resources that they provided.

The entire course was structured to make you market-ready, and it definitely lived up to the expectations. The course is taught over 100 hours which covered over 18 modules and projects that covered topics like Basics of R Programming, Logistic Regression, Visualisation using Graphs, Missing Value, and Outlier Analysis, etc. The projects offered were market-oriented and included multiple domains like HR, marketing, sale, and many more.

The exposure that I received was immense and up to the industry standard. Henry Harvin also offers a Gold Membership with the Finance Academy which grants you exclusive access to great E-Learning resources, Internships, job updates, brush up sessions, and much more for up to one year after the completion of the course and it is absolutely necessary. 

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