Innovation has always been the core to change in human society. Creativity and trying something new are the steps of innovation. I have always been curious about this process and was excited to jump into design thinking.

While searching for the best institutions offering design thinking courses I came across Henry Harvin management academy. It’s the second rank among design thinking courses in India and globally acclaimed certification under the guidance of expert trainers attracted me the most. I wanted to add the credential of Certified Design training practitioner (CDTP) next to my name from a recognised institution. I found Henry Harvin the best institute for this.

The curriculum includes e-learning, projects, case studies, problem-solving techniques and much more. It’s monthly brush-up sessions prove beneficial for professional life. The institute focuses on better understanding and exposure to innovative solutions. Challenging design issues, unfolding assumptions, considering maximum aspects related to problem-solving has inculcated broad insights and experimentation in my personality. Solving and redefining the issues developed empathy and human-centric design thinking. I have seen a noticeable change in my leadership skills, approach to problem and communication skills as well.

The 5 phase methodology improvement cycle is well explained by the trainers. Design thinking tools like to empathize, prototype, ideate, define and test are introduced in this course. These tools and methodology of your details sign approach significantly. The trainers demonstrate every aspect to the best. Highly qualified trainers at Henry Harvin are approachable for any doubt during learning.

The institute offers one-year membership which assists me from time to time for job and internships. It not only looks after the job support but also takes efforts for interview skills.

I have successfully registered the design thinking course offered by Henry Harvin management academy. I am glad and satisfied with the student-friendly learning environment at Henry Harvin. 

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