rima design thinking course

Being an architecture student dealing with design, innovative solutions and so many technical issues related to buildings is my routine. I developed the fascination about design thinking wit time.

Design thinking is not restricted to one sector; it has its roots in almost every sector worldwide. To enrol in a design thinking course can clear the doubts about it and can boost the career. For this, I found Henry Harvin’s design thinking course one of the best t.

Henry Harvin management academy offers a recognised Design thinking program which has ranked second by trainings360. They offer both online and offline modes of training. It’s globally accepted curriculum is something that has helped me a lot for betterment in design thinking.

The course gives powerful insights into problem-solving. The course helped me to develop the ability to understand users and their issues effectively.

Experimentation during problem-solving is the key to a better solution. The course focuses on practical techniques and tools in the curriculum which clears the approach towards a solution. Use of emerging technology, and the latest trends in design thinking can be understood in this course. Solving various business challenges and redefining them is the part of learning at Henry Harvin. Highly qualified and experienced trainers explain the consequences of the solution along with the problem-solving strategies. This enhances the expansive thought process.

I found great importance in the growing corporate sector. The institute offers a one-year membership under design thinking course which gave me valuable access to fruitful sessions and monthly brush-up sessions.

The design thinking certification from Henry Harvin management academy has allowed me to use CDTP certified design thinking practitioner credential with my name.

This helped me to build a good resume for internships and jobs.

I am thankful to the institute for authenticity in every aspect of the course.

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