I enrolled in the online self-paced TEFL certification course of Henry Harvin on 8th November 2019. I completed the 120-hour course in almost two months and received my certificate after the course end examination. Henry Harvin is accredited by the American Association of EFL (AAEFL) and offers a globally recognized certified course. 


TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This training is a set of instructions for non-native English speakers. This is one of the fastest-growing educational fields in the world. This certified course offers many opportunities for teaching English in different parts of the globe.

I got to know about Henry Harvin while I was searching for an institute for a certified TEFL course, the Henry Harvin TEFL reviews were very impressive, and hence I decided to check their website and brochure.

The Henry Harvin TEFL reviews also explained about the benefits of this course training are:

  • One gains enough confidence to face a class.
  • They also train participants to have an insight into the learner’s psychology.
  • TEFL professionals develop a nature to think out of the box during lessons.
  • The course also trains you to work time efficiently and productively. 

After I enrolled for the course, I could witness the benefits Henry Harvin packed as an institute for the participants. My personal Henry Harvin review will confirm the level of excellence by which their course is delivered. The self-paced online TEFL course fee of Henry Harvin is $600, which is quite reasonable for a certified course with AAEFL accreditation. 

Henry Harvin TEFL Review:

  • The TEFL course of Henry Harvin is an online self-driven course accredited by the AAEFL
  • Henry Harvin assures a 100% interview guarantee on completion, of course. 
  • This course has 12000 or more job opportunities in 6 or more countries, including the handsome annual packages from Asia.
  • The globally accepted certification assures Visa clearance as an ESL teacher.
  • The trainers at Henry Harvin were domain experts and dedicated toward participants.

In my Henry Harvin TEFL review, I will also include the course curriculum that Henry Harvin offers for a better judgment. The 120 hour TEFL course contains 11 core units with extensive training and research material. The 11 units are: 

UNIT 1- An Introduction to English Language Teaching 

UNIT 2- Teaching Language Skills

UNIT 3- Structuring and delivering lessons 

UNIT 4- Managing class environment

UNIT 5- Resources and Materials

UNIT 6- Digital Technology in the classroom 

UNIT 7- Learner-centered Classroom 

UNIT 8- Teaching English to Young learners 

UNIT 9- Teaching Business English 

UNIT 10- Teaching English Abroad 

UNIT 11- Teaching Test Preparation Courses


Henry Harvin Education offers international standard TEFL training, and most attractively, they offer a certification accredited by the AAEFL. An AAEFL professional is most likely to be hired because they are trained to be proficient educators and responsible. After my experience with Henry Harvin, I would recommend their TEFL course to others. 

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