I already have a degree in management (BBA) but boy-o-boy is it difficult to find a job only on the basis of your degree. The companies not only look for domain knowledge but also for those skills that far exceed the prospects of your job profile. I found out about Henry Harvin Education while searching for good courses to take up online. I stumbled upon Henry Harvin Education’s SAP HR Course and I was impressed. The number of perks and benefits offered were marvelous and that too only at a price of 29,500/- which is only justified.

The entire SAP HR Course is taught over a total time span of 44 hours. The core is divided into 12 modules which include domain knowledge and is taught by some of the best faculty that are employed with Henry Harvin education as subject experts.

It includes topics such as organizational management, personnel administration, time management, training, and event management. Two additional complementary modules are also included that cover topics such as soft skill development and resume building which are absolutely necessary for a business person. 

Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Education’s Finance Academy includes E-Learning Access through recorded Videos, Games and Projects, Brush up sessions, internships, placement assistance, and much more. This course is meant for active skill development through applied and practical learning brought about by internships and projects. 

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