After completing my MSc. I enrolled in the computer vision program at Henry Harvin Institute. The computer vision course is currently among the most demanding fields in the industry. It will equip you with the techniques and skills to apply in the true application.

The Computer Vision course will help in learning the important strategies. It gives a deep understanding of computer vision concepts with practical knowledge of working on different projects. The course curriculum covers important topics related to the computer vision field. It is designed to make the learner industry ready to meet the challenges of the job market.

The training program is of 8-hours duration. However, it is of short duration but gives a detailed understanding of the concept. The course will help in working with images, There are many learning benefits attached with the course. The practical sessions and case studies make the training program knowledgeable and interesting.

Trainers are experienced and are dedicated to providing the best knowledge to the learners. They adopted a unique methodology and techniques to train the learner. They are encouraging and supportive and make sure to clear the doubts and queries of learners.

After course completion, there are bootcamp sessions spread over the time period of 1 year which regularly brushes up the concept learned during the course.

The course is useful in getting a job in data science and computer vision. When I completed the course I opted for the internship training program which gives the experience of working on practical projects. This practice helps me immensely.

With the support and weekly update about the job opportunities provided by the placement department. I am now working in a reputable company.

I am very thankful to the institute and trainer for building my career in the computer vision field.         

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